Kelley's Deli Breakfast

Delight your palate with our menu options

At Kelley's Deli, we aim to satisfy our customers with a variety of options in a diner environment. Our FULL MENU is available in our store, or call us at 401-596-9896 for more information. We serve traditional Irish breakfast and lunch. All our menu items are available for takeout and delivery.

Quick Fixes

Spicy Leprechaun                                                  $9.25
*Irish potato cakes topped with sunny side eggs, cheddar jack cheese, sour cream, Sriracha hot sauce, and green onion with toast and homefries.

Irish Fry Up                                                              $10.99
*2 eggs, 2 potato cakes, corned beef hash, bangers, rashers, and toast.

The Dubliner                                                           $9.99
*2 eggs, 2 raisin bread french toast, bangers, corned beef hash, and English muffin.

Irish Sampler                                                          $8.99
*2 eggs, 2 Irish bangers, 1 potato cake, corned beef hash, and English muffin.

Kelley's Slam                                                       $10.25
*2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 toast.

The Westerly                                                        $8.50
*2 eggs, hot Italian sausage patty, homefries, and toast.

Irish Breakfast                                                    $8.75
*2 eggs, Irish bangers, Irish potato cakes, and toast.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs                       $8.50
*2 eggs, corned beef hash, and toast.

Cheddar Jack Stacker                                    $10.25
3 scrambled eggs piled on layers of corned beef hash, 2 hash brown patties and cheddar jack cheese and topped with hollandaise sauce, served with choice of toast

Number 1                                                                 $6.25
*2 eggs, bacon, sausage, or ham, and toast

Number 2                                                                $7.75
*2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, homefries, and toast

Number 3                                                                $8.50
*2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, potato cakes, and toast


All served with homefries

Standard Benedict                                              $10.50
*English muffin topped with sliced ham, 2 poached eggs, and Hollandaise.

Italian Benedict                                                       $11.99
*hot Italian sausage patty on italian toast topped with 2 poached eggs, peppers, onions and Hollandaise sauce served with o’brien potatoes on side

Irish Benedict                                                            $12.99
*English muffin topped with 2 potato cakes, irish bacon & 2 poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce

Garden Benedict                                                       $10.99
*spinach, onions, tomato, peppers and mushrooms on a toasted english muffin topped with 2 poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce


Bacon and Avocado                                             $13.50
*poached eggs on English muffin with sliced tomato, avocado, and topped with Hollandaise sauce and chopped bacon

Potato Sides

Hash Brown Patties                                            $3.25
Homefries                                                                 $3.75

O'Brien Homefries                                              $3.95
     banana peppers & onions
Irish Potato Cakes (2)                                        $4.99

Meat Sides

Corned Beef Hash                                                $4.25
Bacon, Sausage, or Ham                                   $4.25
Hot Italian Sausage Patty                                $4.50
Bangers (Irish Sausage)                                     $4.50
Extra Egg                                                                    $1.50       
Extra Cheese                                                           $1.25

Other Sides

Fruit Cup                                                                    $3.99
Oatmeal and Raisins                                          $4.50
Blueberry Muffin                                                 $3.75

Bagel                                                                            $2.25
(plain, cinnamon raisin)
Add cream cheese or peanut butter         $   .75
Toast                                                                            $1.99     
white, wheat, rye, marble, english, italian, texas, kaiser, raisin

Kelley's Deli Breakfast Omletts


All made with 3 scrambled eggs and served with homefries and toast.

Mediterranean                                               $9.25
Spinach, roasted red, green, banana peppers, mushrooms, onions, kalamata olives, and feta.

Meat Lovers                                                      $9.25
Bacon, sausage, ham with American.

Bacon Blue Cheese and Onion Ring  $9.25
Bacon, crumbled blue cheese, beer battered onion rings.

Denver                                                                  $8.99
Bacon, ham, American, peppers, and onions.

Veggie                                                                   $8.75
Cheddar and American, spinach, roasted red, green, and banana peppers, onions, and tomato.

Italian Sausage                                                $9.99
Hot Italian sausage, provolone, peppers, and onions.

California                                                             $9.99
Bacon, avocado, salsa, sour cream, cheddar jack, and green onion

Western                                                                $8.99
Chopped ham, American, peppers, onions

Cheese Omelette                                            $7.50

Meat and Cheese Omelette                     $8.25

Extra Egg                                                              $1.50

Extra Cheese                                                     $1.25
Additional Toppings                                     $1.25 each
Roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, banana peppers, kalamata olives, and green peppers.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Club                                                 $7.75
*2 over hard eggs, bacon, American, lettuce, tomato, mayo on choice of toast (3)

Blitz                                                                          $6.50
*2 over easy eggs, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo on grilled texas toast

Breakfast Ciabatta                                        $7.99
*bacon, 2 over hard eggs, cheddar jack, avocado, tomato on a toasted ciabatta roll

Kelley's Deli egg wrap

Spinach Egg Cheddar Wrap                       $5.99
2 scrambled eggs, spinach, cheddar on garlic and herb wrap.

Deli Breakfast Sandwich                             $5.25
*2 eggs, cheese with choice of bacon, sausage, or ham on choice of bread.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich                         $4.25
*2 eggs and cheese on choice of bread.

Breakfast Burrito                                            $7.75
*2 over hard eggs in a wrap, with avocado, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese.

Lineman Wrap                                                  $6.99
3 scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, cheddar, hot sauce on garlic and herb wrap

Brunch Burger                                                  $8.99
6oz Angus burger with crispy hashbrowns, bacon, American cheese, and sunny side egg on kaiser roll

Enjoy traditional Irish fare served with a smile. We have years of experience providing excellent service. Here are some of our favorites:

Irish Benedict                    $12.99

English muffin topped with 2 potato cakes, Irish bacon, and 2 poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and side of homefries.

Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast                     $    8.50

2 slices of Texas French toast stuffed with creamy peanut butter and sliced bananas topped with powdered sugar.

French Toast at Kelleys Deli

Pancakes and French Toast

Doughboy Breakfast                                                   $8.99
*Fried dough topped with 2 eggs, bacon, sausage or ham OR apple walnut and cream OR strawberries and cream.

Strawberry Nutella Stuffed French Toast        $8.50
topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate syrup

Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast $8.50
2 slices of Texas French toast stuffed with creamy peanut butter and sliced bananas topped with powdered sugar.

Cinnamon and Vanilla French Toast                    $7.50
3 slices of Texas toast dipped in our special cinnamon vanilla mix topped with powdered sugar.

Bulldog Breakfast                                                           $8.50
2 blueberry pancakes with sausage patties and homefries

Full Stack Pancakes                                                       $7.50
3 of our fluffy pancakes

Short Stack                                                                         $6.25

Individual                                                                            $3.25

Full Stack Specialty Pancakes                               $8.25

Short Stack Special Cakes                                       $6.99

One Special Cake                                                          $3.50

Toppings                                                                             $1.00 ea.
Blueberry, chocolate chip, banana, butterscotch, strawberry, white chocolate, apple walnut, cinnamon pecan, whipped cream, or any combination you can think of.